The smarter way
to finance all your vehicles.

Your Flexline™ is a single, versatile line of credit. Imagine one enduring line of credit that gives you the flexibility of a credit card, the power of cash, and the insights to make better decisions.

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Won't affect your credit score

Offering flexible financing solutions
for auto enthusiasts.

Get approved for up to $250K in minutes ($800K for LLCs)

Use it to purchase new or used vehicles, buyout leases, or refinance loans

One rate applies to any transaction and eligible vehicle

Finance multiple vehicles without needing to reapply

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How it Works

Learn more about how Carputty’s Flexline™ makes auto financing seamless for auto enthusiasts with distinguished collections.

With your Flexline, the same rate applies whether you are:

Buying a new car

Refinancing an existing loan

Buying a used car

Buying out your lease

How it Works

Apply once & get access for life.

Your Carputty Flexline balance is always at your disposal, anytime and for any transaction. No reapplication required.

Flexline Range:
$25,000 - $250,000 ($800,000 for LLCs)
Use It To:
Buy new or used, refinance, or buyout a lease
Per Vehicle Limits:
$10,000 - $150,000
Max # of Cars:
15 vehicles
Model Years Eligible:
2016 or newer
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Our simple, online application can get you a flexible line of credit and one rate that is clear, fair, and fixed to you for all your auto financing needs—present and future.

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How is Carputty different from other lenders?

Unlike a traditional auto loan, your Flexline™ is a line of credit—versus a single loan—that can be used as many times as you need over generations of vehicles to buy out a lease, refinance, or purchase as many eligible vehicles that will fit within your line. Additionally, the interest rate associated with your line of credit stays the same when you add a new vehicle to your line regardless of the vehicle's make, model and year and transaction type.

Am I likely to get approved for a Flexline™?

The Flexline is designed for consumers with good-to-excellent credit. This tends to correspond with a FICO score of 680 or higher, although a high credit score does not guarantee approval. We consider your entire credit profile in our evaluation process and we do not believe that there is a single definition of “good credit”. Like other lenders, we consider an applicant's credit history, payment history, and income vs debt.

Does Carputty have vehicle eligibility requirements?

Yes – in short, vehicles need to be 8 years old or newer (oldest model year eligible is the current year minus 8) and have fewer than 85,000 miles. Carputty has vehicle eligibility requirements to ensure that the vehicles being financed are in good condition, and have a certain level of value, as the vehicle's value serves as collateral for the loan. Click here to find a detailed list of vehicle eligibility requirements.