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Get fast, transparent financing in minutes. Manage your cars like your investments with intelligent and easy-to-use valuation tools.
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No need to reapply for a loan each time you want to make a purchase or refinance. That is how Carputty is perfect for drivers—not dealers.

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We took the Hassle out of Auto Loans

Shape your loan to your life

A Carputty Flexline lets you shape your financing any way you choose. Now your loan is shaped to your life and not the other way around.

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See coming dips and gains and chart your car against others in the market. It's free forever if you create an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Carputty line of credit?

A Carputty line of credit is tied to you—not a specific car. Once you’re approved, the money is yours. Use it when you’re ready, whether you’re buying today or not. More flexible than a loan, Carputty can provide financing for multiple cars, for as long as the line is open. So there’s no need to reapply if you’re in the market to buy.

How can I use my Carputty line?

Use your line of credit to purchase any vehicle, anywhere you want. Whether you’re working with a dealer, neighbor, friend’s uncle’s neighbor, buying out your lease, or simply refinancing—Carputty gives you the power of choice.

What is my rate?

Unlike dealerships, Carputty never marks up rates. What you see is exactly the rate you’re getting based off of your credit.

What does the valuation tool tell me?

Carputty tells you the current worth of your vehicle as well as future valuation, up to 5 years out. You can use this data to determine when the best time is to sell and get the most value out of your asset.

What’s my Carputty portfolio?

Your portfolio provides an overview of your outstanding balance vs. current/future vehicle valuations. It’s an easy way to see your assets and liabilities, all in one place.

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