V3 Valuation by Carputty

Always know the perfect time to buy or sell.

Our revolutionary V³ Valuation tool shows you upcoming price changes in any car’s value, arming you with information that can help you choose the ideal moment to buy or sell. 

We use over a million industry data points from auctions, dealerships, and private sales to give you the most accurate and unbiased values.

Getting current market used car values and seeing predictive future used car values really helps me to decide how long I’ll keep my car and helps me decide what I might buy... including buying my own leased car!

- Carputty Member

V³ Valuation empowers you to finish first in today's fast-paced car market.

Use the Carputty V³ Valuation tool to:


Find out a car's value

See the fair market value for any new or used car

Know when to sell

See the spikes and drops in your vehicle's value

Compare vehicles

Know which cars will hold their value longer

Find deals

Build your auto asset portfolio for ROI

Start timing the market with
V³ Valuation. 

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