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We took the auto loan and re-formed it with lower rates, less work, & more fun.

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Who We Are

Carputty is a direct lender built to smooth out the auto financing experience.

We mix technology
with a human touch to do what other lenders can’t.

Use Carputty to:

Refinance your current car to lower rates/payment
Purchase new cars
Buy a new car from a dealership or retailer
Purchase used cars
Buy a used car from a dealership or retailer
Lease buyout
Purchase your leased vehicle
Financing With Carputty

The Carputty Process

Empower yourself with a pre-approval. Do it from your home in just minutes.

Apply from your computer or phone in minutes, with no affect on your credit score.
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Your car is an investment. Use the V³ Valuation tool to know when to buy, sell, or hold.

Did you know car values fluctuate regularly, sometimes even increasing in value? Timing is everything. Our V³ Valuation tool lets you chart out the future valuation of almost any (newer) vehicle, and even compare vehicles to see which one depreciates less over time.

Try our V³ Valuation tool →
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Add any vehicle—through a purchase, refinance, or lease buy out to your Carputty Flexline™.

Using our intuitive member dashboard and the help of our Member Support Agents, you can easily add your vehicle to your Flexline.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from making sure all your documents are properly uploaded, to wiring the money and transferring title.

Congrats! Now you can play with the car market rather than let the car market play with you.

After your car has been added to your line of credit, there’s nothing more you have to do. Look for your Putty Payback—make your first 3 monthly payments on time and we'll credit you back your interest.

Want to buy or refi another vehicle? Looking to add all your family cars to a single consolidated payment? Flexline™ is your go-to financing tool.
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How We’re Different
We kept the parts that worked, and
re-engineered the rest.
Get approved in 2 minutes or less. Apply from your computer or phone.
Applying won’t affect your credit. We only do a soft credit pull to pre-approve you.
Only use the credit you need at the time. You pay nothing if you aren't using it.
Supercharge your line with multiple vehicles all on one payment.
Access to your secure online dashboard. See your payment, balance, & vehicles.
Make on-time payments and we'll take the first 3 months of interest & pay down your principal balance.
Auto Loans
Dealer, banks, & credit unions
Carputty Flexline™
Carputty’s line of credit
Searching and reapplying every time you want to purchase/refinance. This adds up to a lot of paperwork, time, money, energy, and multiple credit pulls.
Apply once, and you’re in. You can use it for all of your current and future purchases/refinancing. One hard credit pull is all we need.
Lending based on the vehicle. Rates jump around depending on the car and can be marked up by the dealer. Used cars have much higher rates.
Lending based on you, not your car. Rates are based on your credit. This means we’re able to extend you much lower rates, especially on used cars.
Finance only one vehicle. If you finance another car, this means different rates, payment dates, lenders, and repeated negotiation for each vehicle you want to purchase.
Finance multiple vehicles with your Flexline™. Add all of your family’s vehicles. Or add that weekend car you’ve had your eye on. Know your rate, payment and terms ahead of time.
You’re on your own when it comes to keeping track of your car’s value. The popular valuation sites are biased and don’t give you accurate future/trended values.
Stay in-the-know and time the market with our V³ Valuation™ tool. Get a detailed future-value chart for most vehicles to inform you of the best times to buy and sell.

Our Member Success Agents are with you every step of the way.

Carputty’s helpful experts are here to guide and assist you during any step of the process. Whether it’s answering questions about your car search, or what to do when you’re ready to refi or sell your current vehicle; your MSA has your back.

Reach us anytime at
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Get your line of credit with a low, transparent rate in minutes.

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