What types of vehicles can I finance with a Flexline™?

What types of vehicles can I finance with a Flexline™?

To be eligible to finance with your Flexline, a vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Vehicle model year cannot be more than 8 years older than the date you request the advance. (For example, in 2023, the vehicle must be no older than a 2015 model.)
  • Must have less than 85,000 miles
  • Be manufactured by US-approved, licensed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) - basically, no kit cars
  • The vehicle must also have a clean, marketable title or Manufacturer Statement of Origin (MSO), and salvaged or branded titles are not eligible.
  • For new and used transactions, the purchase must be made from an authorized dealer. (Any standard dealership is likely to be authorized.) Private sales, brokers, auctions are not supported at this time.

The maximum number of vehicle advances will be limited to the following conditions allowed on
any given line:

  • No more than 2 advances per month
  • Not to exceed 15 total vehicles with an active Advance
  • Maximum advance limits shall exclude any refinance transactions

Additionally, in order to be eligible, the vehicle must:

  • Be registered in the Flexline™ account holder's name
  • Eligible vehicles for Personal and Business Flexlines must be properly insured including but not limited to the following:
  • Comprehensive and Collision insurance
  • Maximum deductible of $1,500
  • Carputty listed as the Lienholder/Loss Payee

If any of the following conditions apply, the vehicle MAY NOT be eligible:

  • Gray market, lemon law, or rebuilt titles
  • Have negative data from sources like CarFax or AutoCheck
  • Motorcycles, RVs, boats, watercraft, aircraft, and commercial vehicles (with the exception of those used by Turo hosts) are not eligible.

To learn more about vehicle eligibility please see our disclaimers, disclosures, and policies. If you have concerns or questions, please contact us at or reach out via Chat.