We believe that owning a car should feel as free as driving.

To make that possible. Carputty is changing the car ownership process - by providing transparency every step of the way.

Our Story

We founded Carputty with a singular mission: To lift the veil from car financing and provide real-time flexible lines of auto credit in just minutes. We saw that the auto financing industry was broken, and seized the opportunity to improve the entire cycle of auto finance and provide the consumer with the last auto loan they should ever need. We’re looking to rewrite industry rules and deliver easy-to-use lines of credit and proprietary valuation tools that allow our clients to treat their cars as the true assets that they are.
our team


Patrick Bayliss

Co-Founder & CEO

Joshua Tatum

Co-Founder & CPO

Dave Mazur


Zavier Sanders

Head of Engineering

Archna Carlstone

Head of Product

Will Jarve

Head of Finance

Robert Pavsner

Head of Credit

Igor Tselenchuk

Head of partner growth

Bobby Heytota

Director of Capital Markets/Revenue

Brian Hayward

Director of Sales operations

CeD Mixon-Fletcher

Director of Product Design

David Barcz

Director of servicing

Norm Hanson

Director of Data Science

Bobby Jewell

Director of Product - Data

Eddie Hedges

Director of Engineering - Platform
how we're different

Core Values

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs and principles that shape our behavior, culture, and decision-making processes. They act as the compass that helps us navigate our way through the ever-changing business landscape while staying true to our purpose and principles.
Think Big

We seek opportunities to innovate across our organization for the benefit of our customers and team members. From building products that automate the pain out of an experience, to introducing new ways to deliver seamless service to more members—we strive to maximize our impact and value in our market.

Data Driven

We use quantifiable data to inform our decisions and actions rather than subjective opinions or assumptions. We embrace data — and the insights that can be gleaned — to ensure more effective decision-making, increased productivity, and ultimately, a Company that is responsive and adaptable.


We are energized by achieving our goals and objectives, even when we face challenges or setbacks. We strive to instill a culture of resilience and inspire confidence in our colleagues, customers, partners and investors.


We value everyone’s unique perspectives and talents. We encourage people to feel empowered to speak and create to foster a sense of ownership, increase motivation and productivity and deepen engagement and satisfaction.


We are committed to being open and honest in our communications and actions. We know that transparency fosters trust and credibility, promotes accountability, and leads to more effective decision-making and problem-solving.

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