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Maximizing Your Auto Investments In A Buyer's Market

2024 is a buyer's market—seize the opportunity with Carputty's flexible auto financing solutions.

Carputty is the smartest, most straightforward way to finance all the vehicles you'll ever own.

2024 has been a buyer's market to date, but the U.S. auto industry is expected to return to a state of normalcy this year, according to J.D. Power. However, opportunities abound for consumers who take advantage of key trends, including a slight decrease in overall vehicle sales but an increase in retail sales, rising inventory, and lower transaction prices. 

When buying a vehicle, making a smart investment involves more than just choosing the right make and model. It's about understanding the vehicle's true value, negotiating from a position of strength, and making informed financial decisions. Carputty’s V³ Valuation™ tool is designed to help you achieve all of these goals. Here’s how you can use it to make smarter vehicle decisions.

Taking Advantage of Vehicle Affordability

While economic growth is slow and interest rates remain high, Carputty’s value lies in its simplicity and the agility it offers car buyers making deals. Carputty’s Flexline™ is unique in that it provides the opportunity to take advantage of lower prices with the flexibility of a credit card combined with the power of cash—allowing consumers to leverage inventory surpluses and take advantage of lower prices. With an automotive line of credit up to $250,000 ($800,000 for LLCs), Flexline offers unmatched versatility and choice, including: 

  • Purchasing new or used vehicles, buying out leased vehicles, or refinancing existing loans
  • Financing multiple vehicles, with Flexline able to up to 15 vehicles at any one time
  • High-value vehicle limits, with financing up to $150,000 per vehicle

Armed with a Carputtty Flexline, consumers have the freedom to choose the vehicle of their choice at the dealership of their choice. Whether looking at the latest EV, a practical family car, a luxury SUV, or a workhorse pickup, Flexline is the financial solution.

Empowering Buyer Negotiations

Because it arms buyers with the power of cash, Carputty makes vehicle acquisition more efficient. That’s because Flexline provides consumers with on-demand funds for any eligible vehicle, meaning you can look for the right car for you, without feeling pressured to look at a specific vehicle that a dealership is offering low interest rates on. This flexibility also allows you to shop at any dealership without worrying about differences in financing options across dealers. 

Without the added complexity of considering and negotiating complex financing terms and navigating hidden fees, you can focus on negotiating the best price on a vehicle.

Timing the Market

With new vehicle inventory expected to increase, consumers can anticipate better deals and more options. J.D. Power forecasts that the average transaction price for new vehicles is trending down, making now a prime time for buyers. Carputty’s proprietary V³ Valuation™ tool empowers you to input any VIN to see actual and projected future values based on over a million data points. This allows you to compare different vehicles, and understand which ones may maintain their value better. By seeing likely changes to any vehicle’s near-term value, V3 also allows you to decide the optimal time to buy. If a car you’re looking at is set to drop in value in the coming months, you could save money by waiting to make the purchase. By leveraging real-time market insights, V³ Valuation™ ensures you make informed, strategic vehicle purchase decisions.

Navigating Rising Inventories and Incentives with Carputty

Carputty stands out as the ideal solution for navigating the complexities of auto financing in this buyer's market. Whether you're looking to finance a new vehicle, refinance an existing loan, or buy out your lease, Carputty offers the flexibility and insights you need for a successful year in the automotive market. Learn more about how Carputty works and if you have questions, reach out to one of our Member Success Agents at

For more insights into the 2024 automotive forecast, visit J.D. Power's full report.