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Buying A Car With Confidence

Apply for a Carputty Flexline™ and shop for your next vehicle with confidence.

The Carputty Flexline™ puts you in the driver's seat, so you can purchase your next vehicle with confidence.

Picture this: You’ve arrived at a dealership, ready to seal the deal on your dream car. But instead of anxiety over financing, you stride in with confidence, armed with a Carputty Flexline. 

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, you want to be confident during negotiations. Applying for a Flexline allows you to negotiate for a new or used vehicle knowing exactly what your interest rate will be with an estimated monthly payment. Moreover, leveraging our V3 Valuation tool provides you with AI-powered real-time insight into any car's value, ensuring you're paying the right price for your chosen vehicle.

Benefits of Carputty’s Flexline:

Shopping for your next vehicle with a Flexline puts you in the driver’s seat when negotiating the best deal. Remember, lending is based on your credit profile, not your desired car or type of transaction. This means we’re able to extend to you the same low rates on new and pre-owned cars and you only use the credit you need at the time. You can rest assured knowing you won't incur any charges if you're not actively using your Flexline. With Flexline, you can:

  • Focus on Finding Your Perfect Ride: Say goodbye to the overwhelm of the car buying process. With your financing sorted, you can focus solely on finding the vehicle that suits you best, at the right price.
  • Negotiate like a Pro: With a Flexline, you're empowered to negotiate for your new or used vehicle, knowing your interest rate and estimated monthly payment upfront.
  • Choose Smart Add-Ons: By entering negotiations with a locked-in Flexline interest rate, you have clarity on your rate and estimated monthly costs, enabling you to select only the add-ons that align with your needs and budget.
  • Explore Exclusive Protection: Access a range of Carputty Coverage options to safeguard your new investment at unbeatable prices.

How to Apply for a Carputty Flexline 

Ready to experience the fast and hassle-free process of applying for your Carputty Flexline? Here's how you can get started in just minutes:

  • Step 1: Head to and become a member with just your email and a password.
  • Step 2: Utilize V3 to check car values online and run scenarios on the Payment Calculator.
  • Step 3: Click "Apply Today" to start your Flexline application. Get approved in 2 minutes or less, with no impact on your credit score. We only do a soft credit pull to pre-approve you.

Shopping with Confidence

Once you’ve secured your Carputty Flexline, shopping with confidence becomes effortless. 

  • Know Your Numbers: Armed with your Flexline approval, shop anywhere you wish, online or in person, knowing your credit line and interest rate.
  • Calculate with Ease: Use our Payment Calculator to calculate monthly payments, making the shopping process a breeze.
  • Secure Your Dream Car: When you find the vehicle of your dreams, let the retailer know that Carputty has your financing covered.

Adding a Vehicle to Your Flexline

  • Seamless Process: Use our intuitive member dashboard to easily add your chosen vehicle to your Flexline.
  • MSA Assistance: Our Member Success Agents (MSAs) are here to support you as needed, ensuring your documents are properly uploaded and the transfer of funds and title is smooth. They serve as a reliable backstop, stepping in to assist when necessary.

Ready to Drive With Confidence?

Apply for a Carputty Flexline today and revolutionize your car-buying experience. Carputty experts are ready to assist you during any step of the financing process. Whether you have questions about your car search, or what to do when you’re ready to refinance or sell your current vehicle, your Member Success Agent has your back.

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