How can I add a payment method?

How can I add a payment method?

You can pay loans with your bank account (ACH), or debit card or mail us a check.

To add a new payment method:

  1. Sign in to your account, then click or tap on Payment Details. (For added security, you may be asked to sign-in to the Payments section by having an authentication code emailed to you.)
  2. If you have an active loan, click or tap on Loan options-->Manage payment methods. You can also navigate to Account settings and scroll down to the Manage payment methods section.
  3. Click or tap on Add payment method.
  4. For Bank Account (ACH) you can either manually enter your bank account information or you can click/tap on Autofill using bank login. If you manually entered the information we might ask you to verify your account: We will make two small deposits in amounts of less than $1 each to the bank account. It might take 1-2 business days to appear in your bank account. When you see the amounts in your bank account, please come back and enter the two amounts to verify your account details.
  5. After you successfully added the payment method you can make a one-time payment or turn on Autopay.