Drive Sales & Earn Cash Incentives With Carputty

The Carputty Flexline™ is the ultimate automotive financing solution designed to help dealers win more business. Sign Up to become a Referral Partner.

Unlock New Revenue Streams as a Carputty Partner

The benefits don't stop there. Leveraging Carputty can bring in incremental revenue and help you close more business across a number of different cases:

Convert More “Cash” Customers:
The Carputty Flexline™ offers a superior alternative for “cash” buyers, helping you win over more customers.
Finance Higher Limits:
Flexline can finance vehicles up to $150,000 for a single vehicle, providing flexibility for customers with diverse needs.
Better Budgeting for Pre-Owned Vehicles:
Standard 63-month terms for vehicles up to 8 years old, offering consumers lower monthly payments at competitive rates.
Refinance Support:
Help customers manage their budgets by refinancing existing auto loans without tapping into dealer capital.
Multiple Vehicle Transactions:
Flexline funds can be used to fund multiple vehicles, eliminating the hassle of processing multiple applications.
Small Fleet Financing:
Our small business Flexline opens up to $800K for LLC’s to fund their vehicles.
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How the Carputty Referral Partnership Works:

You refer a customer to Carputty using a unique URL/QR code

When your customer applies and opens their Carputty Flexline, you earn $50/Flexline

When your customer uses their Flexline, your dealership earns $400/vehicle.

Ready to revolutionize your business with Carputty? Sign up now and take the first step towards unlocking new revenue streams and driving success for your dealership.

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The Carputty Flexline™ just may be the last auto
“loan” you ever need to pitch your customers.

Redefining Auto Financing for Your Consumers

Carputty offers an automotive line of credit that offers the flexibility of a credit card, the power of cash, and the freedom to finance multiple vehicles. With Flexline, your customers can:

Get approved for up to $250K ($800K for LLCs) in minutes

Use it to purchase new or used vehicles, buy out leases, or refinance loans

Get one rate that applies to any transaction and eligible vehicle

Finance multiple vehicles without needing to reapply

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Flexline™ - Flexible financing, possibly for life.

Ready to revolutionize your business with Carputty? Sign up now and take the first step towards unlocking new revenue streams and driving success for your dealership.

Flexline Range:
$25,000 - $250,000 ($800,000 for LLCs)
Use It To:
Buy new or used, refinance, or buyout a lease
Per Vehicle Limits:
$10,000 - $150,000
Max # of Cars:
15 vehicles
Model Years Eligible:
2016 or newer
Current Rates Starting At:
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How will Carputty know which customers are referred by my dealership?

Once you’re registered as a partner, you will be given a unique URL that can be used by your customers. The URL and a corresponding QR code along with relevant marketing materials will be provided to help you market Carputty and ensure customers end up being attributed to you.

How will our dealership be compensated for successful referrals?

When one of your customers is approved for a Flexline and then uses their Flexline to fund a vehicle transaction, Carputty will issue payment via check directly to your dealership. Carputty will send any earned referral bonus checks once each quarter.

Does Carputty have vehicle eligibility requirements?

Yes – in short, vehicles need to be 8 years old or newer (oldest model year eligible is the current model year minus 8) and have fewer than 85,000 miles. Flexline holders also have a maximum per vehicle advance of $150,000 and are limited to 2 transactions in any 30 day period.  Carputty’s vehicle eligibility requirements are set to ensure that the vehicles being financed are in good condition, and have a certain level of value, as the vehicle's value serves as collateral for the loan. Click here to find a detailed list of vehicle eligibility requirements.