Learn about the Carputty Flexline and how it works

Adjusting a Line of Credit

You may reapply when your personal circumstances change, such as your credit score and verifiable income amount. Our team is still building this functionality and will be available in the future.

Line of Credit Duration

A Carputty Line of Credit will remain open as long as it is active. Once a member signs the line document - that line is accessible for up to 24 months - any line terminates if it is inactive for 24 months straight. The member can add and remove a vehicle without ever needing to reapply.

Line of Credit vs. Traditional Loan

At Carputty -- there is no middle man potentially marking up the rate between you and the lender. Once you have the line of credit established, you can use it to refinance your existing cars or purchase your next one. Our line of credit is not tied to a specific vehicle purchase, it can be used as many times as you need to refinance or purchase as many eligible vehicle’s that will fit within your line.

Unlike a traditional auto loan, your line of credit is revolving. This means that when you pay down the balance, those funds become available to you again to use on other vehicles. This is comparable to how a credit card (with low rates) or HELOC works. You will never have to take out a car loan again!

Why a Line of Credit?

Our flexible, revolving line-of-credit is designed to seamlessly finance all of the vehicles in your garage – new or used, present or future. You’ll never have to apply for an auto loan again! A Carputty line of credit is tied to you—not a specific car.

Once you’re approved, the availability is yours. Use it when you’re ready, whether you’re buying today or not. More flexible than a loan, Carputty can provide financing for multiple cars, for as long as the line is open and the vehicles meet the eligibility requirements.