V3 Valuation by Carputty

Always know the perfect time to buy or sell.

With our revolutionary V³ Valuation™ tool, you can see coming price changes in any car's value, which allows you to time the market and buy or sell at the perfect moment.

We use over a million industry data points from auctions, dealerships, and private sales to give you the most accurate and unbiased values.

My car’s lease was coming due and I needed a true answer to what's my car worth? Carputty’s V3 gave me the insight and answers and Carputty’s Flexline made buying my lease very easy... without going back to a dealership!

- Carputty Member

V³ Valuation™ empowers you to finish first in today's fast-paced car market.

Use the Carputty V³ Valuation™ tool to:


Know when to buy

Time the market by seeing the best times to buy

Know when to sell

See the spikes and drops in your vehicle's value

Compare vehicles

Know which cars will hold their value longer
Walk into the deal knowing you're paying or getting the right amount.
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Find deals and build yourauto asset portfolio.

Start timing the market with
V³ Valuation™. 

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