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Carputty's Flexline™ auto credit is flexible and any-sizeable, perfect for drivers who are ready to break away from traditional auto loans.

With Flexline, you get approved for a flexible line of auto credit up front that's based on you, not your choice of vehicle. Use it whenever and however you want - Flexline is always ready and lasts for life.

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    Customized auto line of credit
    Control over your auto asset
    Always available to you
    Know When to Buy & Sell

    Track your car’s valuation

    Our first-of-its-kind valuation tool reveals what your vechicle is worth and when the best time to buy or sell is.

    Chart showing depreciation of a 2018 Audi A4
    Perfect for One or multiple Vehicles

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    A Carputty line of credit lets you shape your financing any way you choose.

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