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Track values and know the best times to buy and sell with our V³ Valuation™ tool.
Why do we need to sign a Funding Agreement?

After all of the required documents are signed by both parties, received, and validated, Carputty will send a digital copy of the Funding Agreement for review and signature. Once this document is signed and returned, Carputty will initiate funding via check or wire transfer. The signed Funding Agreement is required to protect the interest of Carputty and our member. 

How will our dealership receive the funds for the customer’s purchase?

Carputty will send the funds for our member’s vehicle purchase directly to the dealership. Carputty can overnight a check or initiate a wire transfer to complete the purchase.

How can I send you the required documents?

Please scan and email the required documents to MSA@carputty.com or fax them to 404-998-8044.

What is required for funding?

A Member Success Agent will work with the dealership representative who is helping our Carputty member to coordinate the necessary documentation and funding process. We will require the purchase documents including but not limited to the Buyer’s Order and Title Application signed by both parties along with any necessary documents requested to validate the Transaction.