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Get a Flexline to refinance your car.

Easily apply online from your phone or computer
Get pre-approved in just 2 minutes for up to $250K*
Refinance loans, buy out current leases, , or purchase new or used vehicles
Ideal for applicants with good-to-excellent credit**
Track values and know the best times to buy and sell with our V³ Valuation™ tool.
Competitive rates based on you, not your vehicle

Top reasons for refinancing your car:

Save money by refinancing at a lower rate.
Lower your monthly payment by extending the length of your loan.
Change to a fixed rate loan (from a variable rate).

"Our interest rate dropped by more than 2%, and our monthly payment went down by about $200. The process was relatively smooth and easy. Carputty did an excellent job making sure we knew where we were in the process."

- Alyssa S. in Atlanta, GA

How it Works

Our simple, online application can get you one low, transparent interest rate for all your auto financing needs—present and future.

What to Know Before You Apply

The Carputty Flexline is ideal for applicants with good-to-excellent credit. While there is not a single definition of “good credit,” we generally find that Flexline members share the following characteristics: 

Credit History

More than 2 years of strong credit history and a credit score of 680 or higher.**

Income vs. Debt

Sufficient income to cover existing debts and more.

Payment History

A 12-24 month track-record of on-time payments.
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V3 Valuation by Carputty

Always know the perfect time to buy or sell.

Check the value of your lease vehicle and compare it to the Residual Value on your lease agreement. If the value is higher than your Residual Value, you may want to consider buying out your lease.

We use over a million industry data points from auctions, dealerships, and private sales to give you the most accurate and unbiased values.

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