The simplest way to finance your vehicles.

Get a flexible line of credit for your vehicle with a low, transparent rate in minutes.
Use your credit line to replace all your auto loans, present and future.
It's available whenever you need it.

Apply online and get approved in minutes
Won't affect your credit score
Refinance, purchase, or buyout your lease
Ideal for credit scores of 680 or higher*

Many ways to finance & save.

Apply once & get access for life.

Purchase New

Buy a new car from a dealership or retailer

Purchase Used

Buy a used car from a dealership or retailer


Refinance your current car to lower rates/payment

Lease Buyout

Buyout the lease on your current vehicle
“Our interest rate dropped by more than 2%, and our monthly payment went down by about $200.
The process was relatively smooth and easy. Carputty did an excellent job making sure we knew where we were in the process.”
- Alyssa S. in Atlanta, GA

A completely re-engineered financing process.

For qualified applicants, the Carputty Flexline™ can cover every vehicle you own, present and future.
The Old Way
Every time you purchase or refinance, you have to jump through the same restrictive, frustrating, time consuming hoops.
The New Way
One simple online application gives you a credit line for every vehicle in your life – never do loan paperwork again.
Chart showing new simplified way to finance a car with Carputty with one-time application | Carputty

Low rates are just the beginning.

Carputty Flexline™ Rates
Based on you, not your ride.
New Purchase
Used Purchase
Lease Buyout
† Rates are determined by income and credit and a 63-month amortization. Your rate will be based on your credit and income data and may be different than the example provided.

One lender, many benefits

No more bouncing from lender to lender. Now you’ll have one credit pull, rate, and monthly payment.

Always open when you need it

Your line is ready for use, whether it’s a refinance 5 days from now, or a new purchase 5 years from now.

Multiple cars, one payment

Perfect for simplifying multiple car loans. Put all your vehicles on one line of credit.

Manage your cars like assets

Buy and sell your cars like you would manage a stock portfolio.

Will I qualify for a Flexline?

We look at a number of factors when reviewing Flexline applications, including:

Credit History

More than 2 years of strong credit history and a credit score of 680 or higher.**

Income vs. Debt

Sufficient income to cover existing debts and more.

Payment History

A 12-24 month track-record of on-time payments.
V3 Valuation by Carputty

Always know the perfect time to buy or sell.

With our revolutionary V3 valuation tool, you can anticipate changes in any car's value, which allows you to time the market and buy or sell at the perfect moment.

We use over a million industry data points from auctions, dealerships, and private sales to give you the most accurate and unbiased values.

How Carputty works:

Ready to finance with ease? Get your customized Carputty Flexline today.

Apply for Flexline, get approved
Finance all of
your vehicles
Track values, know when to buy & sell
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Our Member Success Agents are with you every step of the way.

We’re here to guide and assist you throughout the process and can answer questions about your car search, or what to do when you’re ready to refi or sell your current vehicle. 

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